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Design and Regulatory Application Stage

  1. Depending on the timely feedback by the client of design requirements and confirmation at the various stages of the design, some or all the following design scope may be carried out in two stages, i.e. Basic Engineering Design Stage and Detail Engineering Design Stage. With these there is a choice of early submission and / or early tendering of the work based on the Basic Engineering drawings and calculations as the situation dictates. Detail Engineering Design can be completed in time for incorporation before finalising and awarding of contracts.
  2. Scope of Design:
    1. Architectural Design for the buildings of the project
    2. Civil Works including pavement, drainage, sewerage, water supply and distribution, and etc.
    3. Mechanical and Electrical Services including regular and standby electricity supply and distribution, fire protection system, air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system, lightning protection system, telephone and public address system, and etc.
    4. Process Engineering, mechanical design, installmentation and control, process piping, tank, and etc.
    5. Structural Design including foundation and superstructure design for building structures
    6. Structural Design for foundation and / or structure for process equipment and machinery, e.g. dock leveler, weighbridge, and etc
  3. Update Preliminary Cost Estimate based on the design completed at this stage.
  4. Revise the Preliminary Master Program prepared at the Planning and Layout stage, to reflect the more updated situation.