EPCM Services

T&E offers assured quality project consultancy and management services in the form of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM), all while ensuring no increase in the overall project cost compared to conventional consultancy services.

Our professional service begins with sourcing of land, allowing us to coordinate all essential engineering and layout requirements. This approach brings numerous benefits, including a more efficient process layout and significant cost savings.

By fully incorporating and coordinating technical requirements, our assured quality management system ensures a well-thought-out design, effective procurement strategies, and professional construction supervision. This comprehensive approach guarantees that every aspect of the project is meticulously managed and executed.

At T&E, our dedicated team is committed to completing all projects to the full satisfaction of our valued clients, without any additional costs. We strive for a win-win situation in all circumstances, delivering high-quality results while maintaining budgetary integrity.

Planning and Layout Stage

The initial stages of our project consultancy and management process involve thorough examination and coordination of key aspects:

a. Land Examination and Survey:

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project site to determine boundary conditions and identify existing services. We coordinate with land surveyors to accurately capture these details and any other features within the land.

b. Technical Surveys and Investigations:

To gather critical information, such as soil conditions, we recommend and coordinate additional technical surveys or investigations as necessary. This includes conducting thorough soil investigations to assess the land’s suitability for construction.

c. Consultation with Local Authorities:

We actively engage with local authorities to obtain and fully understand their requirements concerning planning and layout. This encompasses aspects such as building setbacks and parking space, ensuring strict compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.

d. Client’s Project Brief and Basic Project Layout Plan:

We thoroughly study the Client’s Project Brief and incorporate valuable feedback from the land examination, surveys, and consultations mentioned in items i, ii, and iii. Utilizing this information, we prepare a comprehensive Basic Project Layout Plan that optimizes land usage while meeting the project’s specific requirements.

e. Building Sketch Plan:

Based on the Client’s Project Brief, we develop detailed Building Sketch Plans that outline the design and layout of the buildings required for the project. These plans align with the client’s vision and meet the necessary functional and aesthetic criteria.

f. Statutory Approvals and Requirements:

We take a proactive approach by inquiring about and confirming the detailed submission procedure and requirements outlined by relevant authorities for obtaining statutory approvals. This ensures compliance with legal regulations before commencing the project and upon its completion, facilitating smooth operation.

g. Preliminary Master Program:

To establish an organized timeline, we prepare and present a Preliminary Master Program for the project. This program outlines the sequence and duration of various activities, enabling effective project scheduling and management.

h. Preliminary Cost Estimate:

As part of our comprehensive services, we provide a detailed Preliminary Cost Estimate for the project, considering various factors such as scope, design, and materials. This estimate serves as a fundamental baseline for budget planning and informed decision-making.

At T&E, we meticulously carry out these tasks to lay a strong foundation for successful project execution, ensuring all necessary requirements are met while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.

Design and Regulatory
Application Stage

Depending on timely feedback from the client regarding design requirements and confirmation at various stages of the design process, the design scope can be carried out in two stages: Basic Engineering Design Stage and Detail Engineering Design Stage. This approach allows for flexibility and enables early submission and/or early tendering of the work based on the Basic Engineering drawings and calculations, depending on the specific circumstances. The Detail Engineering Design can then be completed in time to be incorporated before finalizing and awarding contracts.

The scope of design includes:

a. Architectural Design:

This encompasses the design of buildings for the project, ensuring aesthetically pleasing and functional structures.

b. Civil Works:

This involves the design of pavement, drainage systems, sewerage systems, water supply and distribution systems, and other related civil infrastructure.

c. Mechanical and Electrical Services:

This includes the design of regular and standby electricity supply and distribution systems, fire protection systems, air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems, lightning protection systems, telephone systems, public address systems, and other mechanical and electrical services required for the project.

d. Process Engineering:

This focuses on the design of mechanical systems, installation and control, process piping, tanks, and other components related to the specific processes involved in the project.

e. Structural Design:

This encompasses the design of foundations and superstructures for building structures, ensuring their stability and structural integrity.

f. Structural Design for Equipment and Machinery:

This involves the design of foundations and structures for process equipment and machinery, such as dock levelers and weighbridges.

Additionally, as the design progresses, the Preliminary Cost Estimate is updated based on the completed design at each stage.

The Preliminary Master Program, prepared during the Planning and Layout stage, is also revised to reflect the updated situation and ensure an accurate timeline for the project.

At T&E, we adapt our design process to meet the specific needs of each project, providing comprehensive design services while keeping the client’s feedback and requirements at the forefront.

Tendering Stage

As part of our project consultancy and management services, we undertake the following tasks related to the contracting process:

a. Contract Structure:

We develop a comprehensive contract structure that outlines the various packages of works required for the project. This structure ensures clarity and facilitates effective management of the project.

b. Tender Documents:

We prepare tender documents for each package of works. These documents include detailed specifications, special conditions of contract, and any other necessary information to provide a clear understanding of the project requirements to potential contractors.

c. Pre-qualification of Contractors/Suppliers:

We carry out a thorough pre-qualification process to assess the capabilities and suitability of contractors and suppliers for the specific packages of works. This process helps us identify qualified and reliable entities to participate in the bidding process.

d. Tender or Bid Exercises:

We conduct tender or bid exercises for the various packages of works, inviting eligible contractors/suppliers to submit their proposals. These exercises ensure a competitive bidding environment and allow for the selection of the most suitable contractor for each package.

e. Analysis and Recommendation:

Upon receiving tenders, we analyze and evaluate the merits of each proposal. We prepare a comprehensive report highlighting the relative strengths and weaknesses of the tenders and make a recommendation on the contractor or supplier best suited to carry out the works.

f. Letter of Award:

Once the contractor or supplier has been selected, we prepare a formal letter of award. This document confirms the successful bidder and outlines the terms and conditions of the contract.

g. Contract Documents:

We prepare the necessary contract documents for each package of works. These documents formalize the agreement between the client and the contractor/supplier and include all contractual terms, specifications, and obligations.

At T&E, we prioritize transparency, fairness, and efficiency throughout the contracting process to ensure that the project progresses smoothly and in accordance with the established guidelines and requirements.

Construction Management

We provide comprehensive on-site supervision and coordination services to ensure the smooth progress of construction works. Our experienced personnel are dedicated to overseeing the following:

a. Full-time On-Site Supervision:

We deploy competent personnel to provide continuous on-site supervision and coordination throughout the construction process. They ensure that all works are executed in line with the required design and specifications.

b. Adherence to Design and Schedule:

We meticulously monitor the construction activities to ensure compliance with the approved design and specifications. Our team also ensures that the works are completed within the agreed-upon time schedule.

c. Coordination with Contractors/Suppliers:

We facilitate effective coordination among various contractors and suppliers involved in the project. This involves conducting regular site and coordination meetings to address any issues, resolve conflicts, and maintain smooth workflow.

d. Progress Certification:

We diligently check and certify the progress claims and on-site material claims submitted by contractors on a monthly basis. This process ensures accurate assessment and verification of the work completed.

e. Budget Updates:

We regularly update the project budget to account for any variations in works, such as additions or omissions, that may arise during the contract period. This helps in maintaining cost control and transparency throughout the project.

f. Master Program Updates:

We consistently update the master program to reflect the progress of each construction stage. By closely monitoring the completion of works, we ensure adherence to the project timeline and identify any potential delays or bottlenecks in advance.

g. Contractual Advice:

We provide expert advice to the client on contractual matters, including extension of time, Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LAD), and other relevant issues pertaining to the various packages of works. Our goal is to protect the client’s interests and ensure a fair and equitable contractual relationship.

h. Service Coordination:

We take charge of coordinating the availability of essential services such as water and electricity, ensuring that they are appropriately scheduled for the commissioning and test run of equipment as required.

i. Safety and Health Compliance:

We prioritize the implementation of the client’s and legal requirements for safety and health at the construction site. Our team ensures that all necessary safety measures and regulations are followed to maintain a secure working environment.

By offering these comprehensive services, we strive to deliver successful projects that meet our clients’ expectations, while adhering to the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Final Completion Stage

We take responsibility for various crucial tasks towards the end of the project:

a. Punch List and Defect Rectification:

Before issuing the Certificate of Practical Completion, we conduct a thorough inspection to create a punch list of any defects or incomplete works. We ensure that these defects are rectified within the allocated time, coordinating with the relevant contractors to ensure timely completion.

b. Final Account Preparation:

We prepare the Final Account for each package of works, compiling all relevant costs, expenses, and variations. This document provides a comprehensive summary of the financial aspects of the project.

c. Defects Liability Period Coordination:

During the Defects Liability Period, we coordinate and oversee the rectification of any defects that may arise. This involves working closely with contractors to ensure timely and satisfactory resolution of the identified issues.

d. Submission for Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) / Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO):

We take charge of coordinating the preparation and submission of all necessary documents, drawings, and certifications required for the application process. These submissions are made to the relevant authorities, ministries, or departments responsible for issuing the CCC/CFO. These certificates legalize the occupation and commencement of operations for the project, validating that it has been constructed in accordance with the approved plans.

By handling these tasks efficiently, we aim to facilitate a smooth transition from construction to occupancy, ensuring that all defects are addressed and the necessary certifications are obtained in a timely manner. Our expertise and attention to detail in these final stages help our clients achieve successful project completion and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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